Learning under the tree

How TREI’s real estate education courses work

The Real Estate Institute offers continuing education designed for real estate professionals. You can register to attend classes in-person or you can take them online right here on our website!

Take Your Classes Online!

Go at your own pace and stay in the comfort of your own home by taking your continuing education courses online! Each online class has study materials, videos(if this option is selected), tests, and printable certificates. View all of TREI's classes here!

If you want to attend the in-person classes:

The Real Estate Institute also offers all of their classes in-person if you'd rather attend a live class rather than take it online.

Whichever way you choose, here's how to get started:
  1. Click on 'Current Classes & Tests'
  2. Browse our available In-Person or Online Classes. For In-Person classes choose the location nearest you or choose 'Online' if you want to take the class online.
  3. Purchase your classes and create your online account with TREI.
If you will be taking the online classes:
  1. To view your classes and available tests, you must first log in to your TREI account.
    Then you'll be able to watch the available videos (if this option is selected), review your study materials, and take your test.
    Please Note: You can only take each online test 2 times. If you do not pass the test, you must take the class in-person.
  2. If you pass your test, print the certificate to recognize your accomplishment! Please note: The certificate has the name of the class and the of completion. Keep the certificate in your records as you will need this information to renew your license.